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Best Carpet ERP Software For Handicraft Industry

Carpets ERP is a vigorous coordinated business and bookkeeping and Inventory programming framework that will enable you to compose your business' monetary and Inventory future. Carpets ERP contain every one of the highlights you would anticipate from an entire business and stock administration bundle and in addition a vigorous bookkeeping center. As you play out your day by day business exercises. In any case, if the need emerges, Carpets ERP furnishes you with the capacity to control each part of your registers, including making manual passages. To genuinely welcome the majority of the abilities of Carpets ERP we urge you to call us with the expectation of complimentary demo and experiment with the highlights direct.

Best Carpet ERP Software For Handicraft Industry

Organization Management

  • Carpets ERP give instinctive organization administration capacities assembled together. Giving straight forward access to all parts of your.
  • Add, alter and deal with your organization's clients.
  • Add, alter and deal with your organization's branches and setup focuses that can comprise of at least one branch.
  • Create, alter and oversee Buyer, Buyer contacts and Buyer ship to addresses.
  • Create, alter and oversee Contractors and Contractors contacts and Contractors send from addresses.
  • Carpets ERP gives thorough administration. As you lead business, as with every single other capacity, Carpets ERP keeps up all the important information for you. Your information is consequently refreshed.
  • Reviews oversee and accommodate accounts receivables and maturing. Screen the status of your organization's records.

Request Management

  • Order Receive from Buyer.
  • New Order Allow to Production.
  • Urgent List Maintain.
  • Order insightful Stock Management.
  • Order to be Issue.
  • Order In Hand.
  • Monthly Order Position.
  • Yarn Purchase Requirement
  • Shade insightful Dyeing Program Summary

Creation Management

  • Order Issue to Contractor/Branch.
  • Daura Entry.
  • Print Material Lagat/Shade insightful Consumption for Purja.
  • Date insightful Issue Report.
  • Loom Balance Report.
  • Pending Material at Loom.
  • Bazar Entry.
  • Bazar Slip Printing for Contractors
  • Measurement Register

Buy Management

  • Generate PO for Carpet Supplier.
  • Purchase Bazar.
  • Date insightful Carpet Purchase Report.
  • Carpet Purchase Register.
  • Carpet Purchase PO Pending Report.
  • Generate PO for Material Supplier.
  • Material Receiving.
  • Material Purchase Billing
  • Date insightful Material Receiving Report
  • Material Purchase Register
  • Supplier Payment
  • Lot No. astute Material Receiving
  • Supplier Statement

Material Section

  • Material Opening.
  • Material Purchase/Return.
  • Material Issue to Dyeing House.
  • Receive from Dyeing House.
  • Issue/Receive Contractor (likewise avai le purja insightful).
  • Issue/Receive Others.
  • Issue/Receive Finishing.
  • Material Issue/Receive Detail Register
  • Material Issue/Receive Summary Register

Coloring Section

  • Undyed Yarn Issue.
  • Dyeing Program.
  • Dyeing Receive.
  • Dyer Bill.
  • Dyeing Register.
  • Undyed yarn for Program.
  • Undyed yarn at Dyeing Plant.
  • Pending Challan for Bill
  • Dyer Statement

Guide Section

  • Map Opening Stock.
  • Map Order to Designer.
  • Map Receive from Designer.
  • Map Issue to Contractor.
  • Map Receive from Contractor.
  • Designer Order/Receive/Balance.
  • Designer Ledger.
  • Loom Issue/Receive/Balance
  • Payment List
  • Designer Account
  • Map Stock



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