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Next Generation ERP For Manufacturing Industry

    • Seamless Integration across enterprise
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    • Instant connect with customers and suppliers
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Next Generation ERP For Manufacturing Industry

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Mobile version

Mobile ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning framework That can easily be accessed through cell phones.

Affordable price

Pricing dependent on list of capabilities. ERP is a substantial scale software program intended for current organizations.

Targeting Setting

We are providing you a great software to help you reach your profit goals and find success using our platform every step of the way

Next Generation ERP Software
Responsive Design

New Look! ERP Daddy offers Enterprise Resource Planning- ERP Softwares for different business verticals including yet not constrained to Manufacturing.

Highly User Friendly

ERP Daddy will keep on doing admirably with independent ventures since "it has the basic look and feel of Microsoft's Windows,

Ultra Fast In-Memory Computing

Its advantage is Upgraded Speed handling, the informations added to memory in many occasions are quicker than the process with hard disc.


Multi-User ERP Software module is in charge of security and trustworthiness of Advanta Rapid information. This module permits making clients.

Cloud & Desktop Support

Our team of experienced product experts are prepared to help you in every step of the way.

API Integration

ERP APIs are important to guaranteeing that the ERP application information is open to different projects. To put it another way, an API is the mediator among ERP and a program asking for information.


ERP Daddy offers worldwide Helpdesk Support by means of email and SMS. Our skilled help group will help settle any specialized issue, giving you an unmistakable and basic arrangement.

Chat System

Chat support is perfect while executing new highlights or new arrangements, or for clients will's identity going up against new jobs and errands.

Industry Specific ERP Software for Assured Success

ERP Manufacturing


ERP Daddy Software allows manufacturers to plan, execute, and control production. A manufacturing ERP solution provides a competitive advantage, optimum financial management and faster ROI. Explore a solution built for every role, because when people thrive, so does the business.



ERP Daddy is an end to end export management solution for preparing and managing export processes. Packing List, Income cum packing list, Stuffing Sheet, Commercial Invoice, GSP, Center of orgin etc.

An Agile Development Process - Ensuring Quality Work in Promised Time...

Our Development Process

Our Modules

Product BOM Dpt.
Product BOM Dpt.
Production module is incredible help for manufacturing industry for conveying item. This module comprise of functionalities like creation arranging, machine planning, crude material usage,preparation, track day by day generation, advance creation determining and genuine creation announcing.
Product BOM Dpt.
Marketing process incorporates forms like Sales questions and enquiry analysis and taking care of citation drafting, tolerating deal orders, drafting deals solicitations with legitimate tax collection, dispatch/Shipment of material or administration, following pending deals arrange .
Order Receive
Order Receive
Today many SMBs confront difficulties in their procedure computerization. ERP Daddy is the incredible help for such associations. ERP can productively streamline the business activities of association.
Planning module in an assembling ERP Effectively enhance the usage of assets like producing, endeavors and material upkeep. It likewise enables clients to figure business information and deals orders, through which they can undoubtedly gauge their Profits and results.
As name shows, purchase module deals with every one of the procedures that are a piece of acquirement of things or crude materials that are required for organization.
The module tracks, registers, and updates itself and stays available to your no matter what to outfit insights in regards to returnable material with due dates for return, and points of interest of material that are as of now pending return.
The ERP's Store module shapes the focal point of the whole Manufacturing Execution System, which tracks all assembling data progressively. This causes you get finish learning of the status of work and react responsively
Consolidate the ERP's Production module into your business and dependably be in the learning of the amount to deliver and when to create, through the generation figure constructed report in light of; generation possibility, arranging, and planning. The module builds the exactness remainder of your Material Requirement Planning.
Vendor module deals with the stream of item things from producer to purchaser and buyer to maker. Normal jobs included are producer, Super Stockiest, Stockiest, wholesalers, retailers and so on. Vendor includes request and supply the executives , deals returns and supplanting process, shipping and transportation following and so on.
This module brings you power over every one of these tasks, while offering you spearheading answers for impart proficient Mode Support, Finance Functionality, Operations Management, and Strategic Decision making capacities engaged with Export Management.
Human Resource
Human Resource
Human Resource module serves to HR group for effective administration. HR module oversees representative data, track worker records like execution surveys, assignments, sets of responsibilities, aptitude lattice, time, participation and many other.
Reports Module is a Business Intelligence application made by Business Objects used to assemble information and configuration reports dependent on a wide size of information sources, for example, databases.

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