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Marble ERP Software Solutions With Complete Business Support

Since the 1990s, Software Enterprises, Inc. has worked with organizations in the stone business to build up a thorough programming answer for Marble, Granite and Tile merchants. Our methodology has been to gain from individuals who are in the business and configuration includes that assistance organizations better control their business by giving "enhanced client administration and stock control".

Notwithstanding the various highlights that attention on stock and request following, these frameworks give a coordinated interface to the accompanying bookkeeping capacities:

  • Records Receivable
  • Records Payable
  • General Ledger
  • Buy Orders
  • Check Register
  • Frameworks Administration
  • Detailing
  • Finance
marble ERP software

While the list of capabilities or abilities of every one of the frameworks is comparative, each bundle has qualities that are best recognized or broke down by somebody at ERP Daddy.

Marble and Granite Tiles ERP System is a conclusion to-end acquisition based process medium which was only made by ERP Daddy to fit the necessities of Granite and Marble enterprises. It tends to be expertly redone to suit your exceptional prerequisites. Its Suitable for Large to Medium Granite handling Units, Large to Medium Marble Manufacturers, Large to Medium Sandstone Manufacturers and Traders Tile Manufacturers Granite Cutting and Polishing Units and so on.

Advance Features

  • Sq.Feet
  • Sq.Inch
  • Sq.Meter Wise Calculation


  • Records
  • Items
  • Staff Details
  • Framework Security


  • Deals
  • Buy
  • Deals Return
  • Buy Return
  • Receipt
  • Installment
  • Diary Entry
  • Participation


  • Reinforcement
  • Opening Balance
  • Opening Stock
  • Set Barcode
  • Scanner tag View
  • Scanner tag Print
  • SMS System
  • Set SMS API
  • Set SMS User
  • Adding machine


  • Extraordinary Customer
  • Extraordinary Supplier
  • Day by day Collection
  • Staff Report
  • Item Wise Purchase
  • Item Wise Sale
  • Buy Report
  • Buy Return Report
  • Deals Report
  • Deals Return Report
  • Installment Report
  • Receipt Report
  • Diary Entry Report
  • Class Wise Stock
  • Item Wise Stock
  • Group Wise Stock
  • Sum Wise Stock
  • Least Stock Report
  • Money Book
  • Bank Book
  • Record Report
  • Benefit and Loss Report
  • Trail Balance
  • Monetary record
  • Buy/Sale Gst Report
  • B2B Report
  • B2CS Report



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