ERP Daddy System

What is ERP?

A software which integrates all the processes of a company which needed to it into a single system like manufacturing, production, planning, merchandising, logistic, HR, accounts, etc. ERP System provide visibility, analytics and efficiency across every aspect of business.

ERP Daddy ERP Solution is customizable solution which works as per your company practices; it’s not like that “one size fits all.” We are committed to solving real time challenges come across the business operations which includes manufacturing, production and so on and continuous innovation offering industry built capabilities that evolve as your needs do.

What Is ERP?

ERP Daddy developed its own

Next-gen Platform for next-gen Enterprise Applications

Responsive Design

New Look! ERP Daddy offers Enterprise Resource Planning- ERP Softwares for different business verticals including yet not constrained to Manufacturing.

Highly User Friendly

ERP Daddy will keep on doing admirably with independent ventures since "it has the basic look and feel of Microsoft's Windows,

Ultra Fast In-Memory Computing

Its advantage is Upgraded Speed handling, the informations added to memory in many occasions are quicker than the process with hard disc.


Multi-User ERP Software module is in charge of security and trustworthiness of Advanta Rapid information. This module permits making clients.

Cloud & Desktop Support

Our team of experienced product experts are prepared to help you in every step of the way.

API Integration

ERP APIs are important to guaranteeing that the ERP application information is open to different projects. To put it another way, an API is the mediator among ERP and a program asking for information.


ERP Daddy offers worldwide Helpdesk Support by means of email and SMS. Our skilled help group will help settle any specialized issue, giving you an unmistakable and basic arrangement.

Chat System

Chat support is perfect while executing new highlights or new arrangements, or for clients will's identity going up against new jobs and errands.

Why ERP Daddy?

ERP Daddy helps improving

  • The decision making process as it creates a shared database with more and higher quality that those responsible be displayed on your screen in real time streamlining and improving the process of decision making
  • Planning realistic future scenarios by having better information which can make realistic estimates and forecasts anticipating future scenarios
  • The minimum duplication as is easy to see that its departments operate somewhat independently of each other, so they end up creating duplicate records and reports.
  • Greater control and traceability throughout the organization, from entering the raw material to delivery of finished product to customers
  • Improved internal communication between departments
  • Lower costs, more competitive as it’s decrease in the number of errors and reducing duplicate tasks help decrease business costs
  • Increase performance and return on investment in the long term
Face & Figure Intelligence

We have Business Intelligence

We have Business Intelligence
Social Engagement

Multiple User Engagement

Multiple User Engagement

Easy Optimize Operations

Easy Optimize Operations

Future Proof Your Investment

Future Proof Your Investment



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