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We know services is the key to Business success, the right ERP software selection is important for setting your company on the right growth path and the services offered play an important role to get full solution that will make the business improvements you are looking for. Training and on-going education are the important and essential part of implementing a new ERP system and are critical for gaining the full benefits long-term. Well-trained users are efficient and provide you expected result and helps in improving business processes by saving time and fewer errors.

ERp Daddy Support And Innovation

Eight ways ERP Daddy adds value to the entire manufacturing system

Industry Built

Based on industry expert’s inputs, ERP Daddy solution is built to deliver industry specific functionality for Manufacturers and Exporters with the means to adapt to your unique and particular business requirements.

Benefit to you: Optimized operations to ensure you stay current and in control, with an ERP that better meets your unique industry and business needs.

What you can do: Customize your industry-built ERP to adapt, streamline and simplify your operations and enable differentiated competitiveness.

Choice and Flexibility

Whether you’re meeting a strategic business imperative, searching for the ideal managed service partner, considering current or future costs or wanting greater control across widely dispersed locations, ERP Daddy gives you the flexibility to choose the deployment that best suits your needs and budget, whether on-premise, in the cloud, or both. With universal access to the same ERP solution on all devices 24/7 no matter where you are, you can choose the device that best meets the task at hand, whether in office, on the shop floor, or on the move.

Benefit to You: Access and deploy your ERP, your way, on your terms

What You Can Do: Choose the deployment that best suits your enterprise needs and budget, and choose the device that best meets the task at hand.

Actionable Insights

Improve business performance and drive business behavior by empowering your users with business critical insights for quicker analysis, decision making and execution. With relevant and real-time data trends and insights, users are enabled to meet their goals, targets and deadlines with improved collaboration with others and the means to act quickly and proactively.

Benefit to You: Improved business performance through a productive workforce that is empowered with actionable insights to act quickly and proactively.

What You Can Do: Drive business behavior by empowering your users with business critical insights for quicker analysis, decision making and execution.

Enable Digital Business

Services and APIs: Whether you are integrating to intelligent devices such as IoT, business partners across your supply chain or to other systems be they on-premise or in the cloud, ERP Daddy provides well defined integration services and APIs to enable flexible interactions, and orchestrate data, messages and business moments.

Algorithmic Business: Machine learning and AI make sense of structured and unstructured data, surfaced and served up as-yet-unidentified trends, and point you towards exceptions and anomalies, all of which informs and aids you in speedy decision-making.

Digital Citizens: BOT agents orchestrate operations for simple or repetitive tasks, creating added value to all stakeholders.

Benefit to You: Improved supply chain collaboration, greater operational efficiencies, and quicker decision-making.

What You Can Do: Digitize your business quickly and affordably, with minimum disruption.

Safeguards your ERP Investment

Our continuous innovation is designed to keep you ahead of the technology curve, foster best practices and deliver long-term business value and differentiated competitiveness. Our single solution ecosystem makes it easier to upskill and build knowledge while avoiding costly distractions. Our robust and proven technologies are scalable to both your current and future needs, to deliver constant value in your business. Everything is underpinned by a steady and ongoing adoption of emerging technologies that will improve operational capabilities, drive efficiencies and keep you ahead of the competition.

Benefit to You: Continued value from your ERP helping you stay ahead of the competition and ensuring the long-term viability of your business infrastructure.

What You Can Do: Leverage the right innovations to ensure the ongoing evolution of relevant functionality and governance pertinent to your specific business operations.

Engaging User Experience

ERP Daddy’s system of engagement renders a productive and satisfying working environment that encourages and accelerates user uptake with a system that’s engaging, easy to use, fosters collaboration and above all, one that empowers users in their daily operations.

Benefit to You: Increased productivity with an engaged and empowered workforce.

What You Can Do: Accelerate user uptake with a system that is engaging and easy to use.

Personalize your work space

ERP Daddy is relevant to, and adapts to, all users within your organization. ERP Daddy provides you with that personal touch by allowing you to simplify and customize your workspace to meet your individual role and needs, surfacing the information that you require as and when you need it – without requiring development.

Benefit to You: Simplified and personalized environment that is relevant to all users within your organization

What You Can Do: With ERP Daddy, users can Simplify and customize their own workspaces to suit individual roles and autonomous requirements, without needing to get development involved.


Whether your business growth demands high-transaction volumes or transactional elasticity , ERP Daddy’s proven and robust technologies and platforms on which our solution is built provides the agility and scalability to continually adapt to your needs simply and cost-effectively.

Benefit to You: System performance that matches your changing enterprise needs.

What You Can Do: Scale the solution to adapt to your current and future needs, and process more transactions, faster with enterprise-strength and performance.

Services Flow Chart

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A successful ERP are those who implemented as per the requirement and the company process system
  1. Requirement Gathering: 2-5 days requirement gathering process with all departments’ heads and note down their working styles, challenges, solution, etc. After that we take the approvals and re-validate the requirements
  2. Design: After requirements freezed we start work over design of the system and send design of the system to concern departments for approval
  3. Development: After Design approval we start Phases wise development of the system
  4. Delivery/hosting: As soon as Phases completes we starts delivering the projects Phases wise at your location
  5. Training: Provide training how to use the system to the users
  6. Actualize Phase: Users now going live with actual data. We can also say live testing of the system
  7. Leverage Phase: Once everything has been balanced and signed-off, we move to the Leverage Phase which closes out the project
Transfer and merged whole updated ERP System at client server (in house or on cloud)
  1. In house server: It’s placed within the company in its server room
  2. Cloud Server: It’s placed on cloud by third party hosting services
We offer a number of services to help you to make the most of your ERP Daddy investment. You can select product and technical support via phone or email. Training and consultation can be on an-needed fee for service basis or we can tailor a support program specifically for your organization on a committed contract basis.
  1. Helpdesk Support: Support via telephone, email. Our skilled support team will help resolve any technical problem, giving you a clear and simple solution.
  2. On-site Support: On-site support is ideal when implementing new features or new solutions, or for users who will be taking on new roles and tasks.
ERP maintenance includes software installation, product support, system upgrades, backups and improvements. We have efficient resource to help you maximize return on investment and improve your business process.
Maintenance for entire software lifecycle:
  1. Fixing bugs – This includes troubleshooting software issues, and doing maintenance tasks regularly like managing the source code, Version, patch and releases, Integration of releases, and fixing site crashes at priority, among others
  2. Patch/Release Management & Deployment at customer's End - We create services packs, manage different release & patches, test them in simulated client IT environment, release them for your clients, and also deploy it at customer installations.

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